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Thrift Store Chair Makeover


I wanted to swap out my old glass round dining table and metal chairs for wood. I wanted to do it on a budget – it’s more fun that way, so I started looking for chairs and a table I could refinish to my liking.  I went to my local Hospice Thrift store and found 4 ugly green chairs that were $19.99 on sell for 50% off!!!  I knew I didn’t want to spend more than $10 for each chair – SCORE!!!  Here is my makeover.  BTW, still searching for the table, I may just have to make my own.  I don’t want to spend over $100. on the table.

They started out as a faded looking hunter green color with icky seats.

The chairs were a faded shade of hunter green. I had to wash and sand them real well before I could start painting.

The cushions looked pretty rough


The cushions were in pretty good shape, just badly stained.

took them apart, washed and sanded each chair and then spray painted 4 light coats of this happy yellow color.

I spray painted them with four thin coats of this happy yellow color.

all painted and ready to put together

all painted and ready to put together!

TA-DA!!  Happy chairs!!

TA-DA!! Happy chairs!!

LOVE the outdoor fabric I found to recover the cushions.

LOVE the outdoor fabric I found to cover the cushions. Easy to keep clean. I had enough fabric left over so I made four placemats to match.


Pallet Boards Headboard


added a new yellow pillow!

added a mew yellow pillow!

A few months ago I changed all the colors and decor in our bedroom. I like my room dark (my husband calls it the cave) because it helps me to sleep better. I went with grays and tan with a splash of yellow. I knew I wanted a big headboard and I knew I wanted to make it myself. There was no doubt that pallets would be involved! I’m very pleased with the end results. Now I have to find those perfect pieces to redo for bedside tables and a couple of unique lamps.










Palm Tree and Turtle Mosaic


My husband loves palm trees so I have decorated our den with an assortment of art pieces. I made this one for him over the weekend from scrap glass tiles I have collected over the years. He loves it!! I really enjoyed making it, even if I did end up with little cuts all over my hands. 🙂

hanging on the wall in the den

hanging on the wall in the den

there is even a little glass gator on the corner

there is even a little glass gator on the corner

I wanted to do a second mosaic piece to go with the Palm Trees so I went with Turtles! They are going from the sand into the ocean.









Candle Holder Re-do


A friend gave me this set of candle holders about 10 years ago. They were originally a bright gold – I’m not much of a gold person so I painted them in layers of green and brown and then sanded them down some. This matched my living room much better. Now…. after looking at them for the past 10 years I though it was time for a change. I wanted to go with a shabby chic look so I made my own chalk paint – it’s pretty pricey at the specialty stores. I used unsanded grout and some white paint I had on hand. After painting them I sanded them down some (back to that brown/green) and then added a light stain to give them an aged looked. I am pretty pleased with the way they turned out. I have 10 more years to come up with something else to do with them!!

paperdolls 032

paperdolls 033

>Candle Holder Re-do

candles 003

candles 001

Paper Doll Wall


paperdolls 029I have some of the fondest childhood memories of playing with my huge collection of paper dolls.  I had saved them since I was a little girl but had to throw them out recently.  *sob*  The years, not to mention mildew, were not kind to them. So imagine how pleased I was when I received my late mother’s hope chest and found some Shirley Temple paper dolls that had never been taken out of the box!  I knew I wanted to do something special with them in the room I designed for my two young granddaughters, Layla and Joley.  I came up with the idea of putting them in frames and using them as art.  Here is the end result.  I hope you like it.  Can’t wait for my girls to see it, too.

paperdolls 041

paperdolls 030 paperdolls 035 paperdolls 036 paperdolls 038 paperdolls 040