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Pallet Boards Headboard


added a new yellow pillow!

added a mew yellow pillow!

A few months ago I changed all the colors and decor in our bedroom. I like my room dark (my husband calls it the cave) because it helps me to sleep better. I went with grays and tan with a splash of yellow. I knew I wanted a big headboard and I knew I wanted to make it myself. There was no doubt that pallets would be involved! I’m very pleased with the end results. Now I have to find those perfect pieces to redo for bedside tables and a couple of unique lamps.










Mistress Mermaid


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Living in Florida I manage to collect a ton of seashells so it only seemed natural that my next mermaid would be sporting some!  She was a blast to make.  Much more fun than the mosaic mermaid.  On this one the hardest part was the bra top AND the FACE.  I am REALLY bad at drawing faces – so you see I took the easy route!  My mermaids are all about silliness and fun, but if you’d like to check out some really beautiful ones go to my friends site www.LucyDesignsOnline.com and see the fantastic work she does.  Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy.