Wrigley’s Nursery


Our new grandson, Wrigley, will be arriving on July 3rd. He will be joining his big sisters, Layla and Joley, to add more joy and love to our lives. My son, Zachary and DIL, Ashley were trying to decide how to decorate the nursery – I bet you’re thinking baseball….. We thought of that, too and decided to go with a cute surfer theme. I went into my shop and came up with a few cute ideas to add to his room.


The surfboard all finished and in place



I started with a light stain, taped off lines and added a darker stain


tape removed and waiting for the poly coats.


dry brushed on three different colors to give it an aged look


I added some twine to finish the look


love how it looks aged and beachy


Added Wrigley’s name and some rope around the edges.



I bought some canvases and cut out some letters. My DIL taped around the edges and used 3 colors of spray paint I had on hand


the oar on the wall with the mosaic fish and seahorse I made


close up of seahorse


close up of the fish


we added a fishnet and some ‘woody’ cars with surfboards that I found on Amazon


the hooks are so cute, I think I want my own!


my mosaic turtle – I love that my grandson will have so much of my home made stuff in his room!


now we just wait 3 more days for our Big Wrig to arrive!!!


About somethinfromnothinblog

I am a Master gardener and I would work in my gardens all day if I could. I love to work in my shop building things, can't get enough of my power tools. I like to recycle, reuse and reinvent items to make somethin' from nothin'. Love to camp and hike with my husband and big old black lab, Bear.

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