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Christmas Craft Challenge


This past Christmas my husband and I went home to VA where my dad and two sisters still live. We took our RV and camped in Newport News Park and had everyone over (at one point there were 17 people!) to celebrate and hang out around the camp fire. My two sisters are wicked funny and love to gang up on me. (I am the baby….) They love my crafty stuff and decided to give me a craft challenge. I’ve never seen the food show Chopped, but the premise is that you are given certain ingredients and have to prepare a meal using all of them and any items from the pantry. Well….. my sisters gave me a gift box with several strange items in it and challenged me to create something using each item plus what I have in my own stash. I have had a blast putting this together. I like to think I am getting the last laugh on this one, though. I was able to make TWO pieces from everything so each sister is getting an original tacky art work by yours truly!! I will be terribly hurt if they don’t hang them up in a prominent spot in their homes. *cue wicked laugh*

crafts 005

masks 001

masks 002

masks 003