Candle Holder Re-do


A friend gave me this set of candle holders about 10 years ago. They were originally a bright gold – I’m not much of a gold person so I painted them in layers of green and brown and then sanded them down some. This matched my living room much better. Now…. after looking at them for the past 10 years I though it was time for a change. I wanted to go with a shabby chic look so I made my own chalk paint – it’s pretty pricey at the specialty stores. I used unsanded grout and some white paint I had on hand. After painting them I sanded them down some (back to that brown/green) and then added a light stain to give them an aged looked. I am pretty pleased with the way they turned out. I have 10 more years to come up with something else to do with them!!

paperdolls 032

paperdolls 033

>Candle Holder Re-do

candles 003

candles 001

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