Monthly Archives: September 2012

Seashell Lamp


I would see all these beautiful glass containers with shells in them at high-end stores and figured I could do my own version of one.  I found a lamp with a glass bottom and filled it with sand, at an angle, and then some crushed shells.  Next I selected some favorite shells from years of collecting on our Florida beaches.  I love the way it turned out.  I am thinking about changing the boring shade or at least painting/decorating it.  Not a big fan of white.




I’ve seen several different silhouette projects on Pinterest and thought I’d try my hand at it.  The first one is done by heating various shades of blue crayons with a blow dryer.  I sketched the silhouette with pencil and then covered the area to keep the wax off.  I then went back and painted the couple in black and then washed on a light stain and a little blue paint to take some of the whiteness out.  The other one was made with some left over paint dripped on the canvas with an eye dropper – I was too close to the fan so I ended up with some ‘rain’ going sideways!  I rubbed a light stain on the finished piece.

Bistro Bar Table


This is probably one of my husband’s (Joe) favorite projects of mine.  We have had this bistro table and chairs for over 15 years.  The table top has a slight lip on it so I found a round glass piece that fit it perfectly and then added a layer of shells from my huge stash of collecting.  It fits in perfectly with our beach theme bar and looking at the shells reminds us of all the great times we have had on our many beach visits.