Camo and Denim Planters, How-To


The first thing I did was measure the pant leg in several spots, then bend and tie chicken wire to fit each leg.  I make a ‘basket’ at the wasit to suppot the plant.  When puttin into place drive two metal posts through the ground to keep the planter upright and stable.  I made these two for my neighbors, Ana and Albert.  He is a big time hunter so I thought the camo pants would be perfect.  That’s actually me in the last two pictures!  Hey!


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  1. Love this. And your photos are really good for how-to. Are you tagging with “crafts” on all your projects? I would think that’s a big search word.

  2. I just left a comment but don’t see it, so forigve me if you get this twice…. I love this. The photos are great and make it (seem) really easy. Are you tagging all your entries with “crafts”? I would hit all the key search words. You deserve a big audience.

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