Day one of construction on my new webpage


Not sure exactly what I’m doing yet, but I’ll figure it out. I wanted to have a page where I could post ‘how-to’ information on some of the fun garden projects I have done and will do. I wanted a place to talk about gardening and other things that interest me and I hope you will enjoy as well. Be kind as I work out all the kinks!


About somethinfromnothinblog

I am a Master gardener and I would work in my gardens all day if I could. I love to work in my shop building things, can't get enough of my power tools. I like to recycle, reuse and reinvent items to make somethin' from nothin'. Love to camp and hike with my husband and big old black lab, Bear.

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  1. Best of luck my friend! No yard these days as I am living the apt life, but I always enjoy your comments and pics and we be a fan of your blog!! So blog away!!!

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